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Q. How far in advance of my trip should I request ETA?

A.  The Kenya ETA can be requested at least 7 days in advance; however it is advisable to apply 15 days prior to the travel date to ensure that there are no last-minute issues. 

Q. What do I need to apply for ETA to Kenya?

A. You can get the electronic travel authorization for Kenya (ETA Kenya) fully online. To apply for it you will need the following documentation:

  • Scanned copy of the passport which must be valid for 6 months after the date of entry into the country 
  • Recent passport photo size 
  • Flight bookings (if you travel by air)
  • Travel itinerary (if you travel by land or sea)
  • Email address to receive the final document
  • A bank card to pay the fees

Depending on the reason for traveling, some travelers may need to present additional documentation such as proof of their financial assets, an invitation letter from the host company or a copy of the company’s government registration document, amongst others.

Q I have requested ETA, how long does it take to process?

A. More than 90% of the applied applications are approved within the indicated deadlines. Please refer to the table below for estimated delivery times.


Q. What is the cost of ETA to Kenya?

A. Our management fee is 29 dollars for the standard option. This fee is in addition to the government charges, which may vary depending on the nationality, type of visa, or chosen travel document. For other options, an additional fee will be applied based on the processing time.

Q. What is the permitted length of stay in Kenya with ETA?

A. A valid eTA is only a permit to travel to Kenya within 90 days of issuance and does not guarantee the entry into the country. Immigration officials at the port of entry will have the final authority to allow or deny admission and, depending on your purpose of entry, determine the length of stay in Kenya.

Q. Can ETA be extended?    

A. Yes, it can be extended. Even though we do not currently offer that service, you will be able to extend your visitor's pass once you have made use of it. You will be able to extend your ETA at the country's immigration services.

Q. Is there a transit visa? is it required for Kenya?

A. Transit permits are usually issued to individuals traveling through Kenya to other destinations with a maximum duration of 72 hours. Passengers making direct connections without leaving the airport do not need to apply for transit visas. This permit is valid for 3 days from the scheduled arrival date, allowing a stay of up to 72 hours. At the moment, we do not offer the transit visa, but it is included in our roadmap for future implementations.

Q. I already have my ETA to Kenya, what should I do next?

A. Once you have obtained your Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Kenya, the next steps depend on your travel plans and purpose of visit. Here are some common next steps:

  • Check your entry requirements. 
    Be sure that you have all your required documents in order to entry the country including the passport, the expected arrival confirmation, the accommodation, the flight tickets (both inbound and outbound ticket) and any other mandatory document. 

  • Travel plans
    Confirm your travel itinerary including the flight details, the accommodation and the transportation within the country.

  • Sanitary precautions
    Check any requirement or health recommendation to travel, such as vaccines or health insurance. Keep up to date to any restriction or guideline. 

  • Currency and finances
    Consider your needs and plan accordingly. It is advisable to have some local currency for immediate expenses upon arrival. 

  • Contact information: 
    Have the contact information of your accommodation, embassy or local consulate and any emergency contact at hand.

  • Travel insurance: 
    Consider taking out travel insurance to cover any unexpected event or emergency during your trip. 

  • Local traditions and laws: 
    Familiarize yourself with the traditions, the laws and cultural norms of the country to ensure a respectful and pleasant visit. 

  • Stay informed: 
    Stay informed of any updates or changes to travel advisories, entry requirements as well as local conditions prior to your trip. 

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience to Kenya with your ETA already in hand. Safe travels!

Q. I have made a mistake in my application, how can I change it?

A. Before making any changes to your application, please note the following points.

  1. If your application has been processed and confirmed, no changes can be made.
  2. If your application is still being processed, no changes can be made.
  3. You will only be able to modify your application if you have pending documentation or data on your application form. Please note that once you confirm your application, an automated system starts to make checks and connections with our databases. This is why you should thoroughly check all your application details and documentation before confirming the registration of your application.

If you wish to modify the information and/or documentation of your order, please click in our chat button; we will check if it is possible to do it and, if that is the case, we will give you the necessary instructions

Q. For how long is ETA valid?

A. Your eTA is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

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